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Mountains at Dusk

Our teachers

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Leigh Khoo
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Edmund Ang
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Catherine Tan

Leigh first found Yoga 17 years ago in a Chinatown shophouse, so it is a full circle moment for her to open Meghalaya in the same neighbourhood.


Leigh has been teaching Yoga since 2013, and over the years, learned to understand and, more importantly, respect anatomical differences. Because of that, she believes in creating safe spaces that empower practitioners to step into their intuitive wisdom and practise according to their inner alignment — postures that look right on the outside may not necessarily feel so within.


She continues to be influenced by her teachers Emily Kuser, Nitya Mohan, David Frawley, Jo Phee and Octavio Salvado; as well as the teachings of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tantra, which often form the energetic or philosophical pillars in her classes.

Her classes are embodied, intuitive and poetic. She believes that skilfully sequenced and meditative practices are key to connecting us to our deeper, higher wisdom.

In 2007, Edmund stepped into his first Yoga class thinking it was a form of stretching that would help his flexibility. It turned out to be one of his most intense experiences! It was not easy being the guy with tight muscles trying to touch his toes, which seemed miles away. Who would have thought a simple Warrior 2 could create CHAOS on a physical, energetic and mental level? Yet, amidst the confusion, something subtle between the union of the body, mind and breath, awoken a new physical awareness that he never knew existed.

Edmund believes that on the mat, we always have the choice to tune our awareness inwards and acknowledge the space we are in, as well as to cultivate evenness of breath and equanimity of mind.

He is eternally grateful for all the teachers who have inspired him in his Yoga journey. Vincent Tam, his first teacher for sharing the depth and width of what Yoga can be; Patrick Creelman, for inspiring his “voice” to teach, and Paul and Suzee Grilley for illuminating the beauty in stillness.

As a long time street dancer and gym aficionado who isn't naturally flexible, Catherine turned to Yoga as a means for change. Little did she know that this would lead to a life-changing shift — physically, emotionally and mentally.

She first embarked on the journey of teaching Yoga in 2009 through her first training in Hot and Hatha Yoga. She went on to study Yin Yoga, Pre-Natal Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga with several respected teachers around the world.

Her belief in lifelong learning and keen interest in anatomy, fascia, myofascial release, Chinese Medicine, qigong healing and Yoga philosophy have motivated her to pursue such knowledge rigorously, allowing her to view and weave different perspectives into her practice and classes.


Convinced of the benefits that Yoga has brought her, she would love to share this joy with more people and hopefully create a positive change for her students, no matter how small.

John Tattva
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Cassie Siua
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Sonia Kaur

John is a life-long practitioner of Yoga. He started practicing at the tender age of 9 and, after graduating from several intensive trainings, began to teach daily in 2009, in Delhi.

While teaching, his focus lies in guiding Yoga according to vinyasa principles — a moving meditation with grace and fluidity, that harmoniously connects with the breath. He is also a firm believer in the therapeutic benefits of Yoga. His classes are designed to bring fresh light and awareness to each moment, helping individuals achieve balance and harmony in their lives.

John is forever grateful to all his teachers. He believes that there is no limit to learning and self-discovery. In his own practice, he strictly adheres to the principles of Ashtanga Yoga. Beyond teaching international classes and workshops, he also offers daily classes at his shala, Nilayam.

Jasmine Tay

Jasmine started practicing yoga in 2010. To her, it is a personal journey that brings her back to herself, to her true nature.


She places an emphasis on knowing and honouring one's own limitations, while at the same time nurturing growth through mindfulness and balanced effort. Through her offerings, she continues to hold space for others and this place of service is where she feels most grounded. 


Jasmine is a E-RYT500 yoga teacher. She specialises in teaching Navakarana Vinyasa and is also trained in hot, pre & post-natal, Yin and kids' yoga.

Cassie started her practice constantly chasing after everything – from inversions to arm balances, full splits to deep backbends; even chasing after a bus to make sure she can make it for back-to-back classes! Over the years however, she has found joy in simply slowing down through Yoga. Yoga has guided her to master the art of letting go.

To Cassie, being grounded means to breathe, and to move with the breath. Meditation through movement offers the opportunity to be present in the moment, and that is when the practice truly starts.


Like her journey with Yoga, Cassie’s classes are slow and mindful, with a focus on connecting movement with breath. This allows for ample time to feel and ground in every posture. Her classes are also multi-level and inclusive, with options offered to differing levels of practitioners.

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Diana Lim

Despite feeling discouraged due to her inflexibility when she attended her first Yoga class in 2000, Diana returned and committed to daily practice under the guidance of experienced teachers.


In 2013, she achieved her RYT-200 certification from Vikasa Yoga Koh Samui. After years of instructing various class styles,  she delved into the maternal aspect of Yoga, intentionally expanding her expertise with certifications in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga (RPYT), Kids Yoga (RCYT), as well as Childbirth Education and Fertility Yoga courses. 


This shift has made Diana's teaching style more versatile and comprehensive, positioning her as a guide for individuals seeking the holistic benefits of Yoga during significant life transitions.


Diana's empathetic approach fosters a safe and supportive space, providing solace and guidance for those embracing transformative journeys. Her commitment goes beyond the mat, embodying a sense of community and well-being.

Sonia (she/they) is interested in exploring movement and breath as tools for both individual and collective healing. Her Yoga journey started five years ago, when she was in the midst of a depressive episode and at her wit’s end. She committed to showing up on the mat daily, if only for five minutes, and slowly realised that repairing the relationship with her body was the next step in her healing journey — and she's not looked back since. 


Sonia's sessions focus on exploring mind-body-soul connection through mindful movement and breathwork. By creating safe spaces for play and exploration, she empowers practitioners to listen to their bodies and move in ways that feel most authentic and intuitive to them. She hopes to offer you a space of rest and respite from the hustle and bustle of the world as you slow down, tune inward, and come home to yourself. 

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