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Above the Clouds

Upcoming events

Hand Drums

Shamanic Healing Circle

Tuvan Drum Healing with Kenrick

Saturday 3 Feb



Buddhist Singing Bowl

Valentine's Day Special

Heart-centered EFT + Tibetan Bowl Soundbath with Mae

Saturday 17 Feb

$75 ($65 early bird)

Body Twist

A Spinal Practice for Strength & Release

with Cassie

Sunday 18 Feb


Tuvan Drum Healing: Tuvan Drumming is an ancient form of Siberian Shamanic Healing. It is a technique commonly practiced for healing chronic pain and physical illnesses. Healing powers from benevolent helping spirits are called upon and transmitted through the sound of the drum into the receiver. Participants will receive healing while seated, standing or lying down. This session is limited to only 8 participants.


What is Shamanism?

The practice of shamanism is a method, not a religion. It exists in all inhabited continents as well as established religions in many cultures in their unique form. The word "shaman" in the original Tungus language refers to a person who makes journeys to non-ordinary reality in an altered state of consciousness. He/She/They will then connect with his/her/their benevolent helping spirits to perform healing or divination requests.


From the Shamanic point of view, there is a spiritual aspect to almost everything in life. From healing a physical injury to an emotional trauma or even considering options at a changing phase of life. We can be supported by the powers and perspectives of all-compassionate, higher intelligence beings who are ever so willing to help us.

Kenrick is trained in Core Shamanism, a distillation of techniques commonly practiced in many indigenous tribes, from the Foundation of Shamanic Studies. He has received a series of initiations that enable him to connect deeply with his helping spirits to bring healing and advice to his community.

V'day EFT: Celebrate Valentine's day with heart. Who says you need to be paired up to enjoy the day? In this special themed class, wellness coach Mae Kwan will guide us in a special themed class focused on the heart chakra, through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and singing bowl meditation. Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping, is a therapeutic technique that is gaining popularity as more people become aware of its benefits. It involves tapping on the meridian points while focusing on your problem or issue, which helps release the emotional intensity and shift your perspective.


The special two-hour session is perfect for those who wish to cultivate heart-centeredness, opening to love and life's possibilities, enhancing our connection with ourselves, loved ones, and even the natural world,  allowing us to fully embrace what life has to offer.


The session includes:

- Guided meditation for centering and re-balancing

- Emotional detox and intention setting with EFT tapping

- Singing bowl meditation

Use discount code EDTVDAY for $10 off (until 31 Jan)

A Spinal Practice: This 120-minute vinyasa practice takes you through a world of twists and turns, incorporating spinal mobility and movements that will aid you to strengthen your spine and release back tension. We end the session by spending some time reflecting and journalling on our journey into 2024 thus far, with opportunities to listen and share with one another.


Benefits of Twists


Spinal Mobility and Back Health: Twists rotate the spine and stretch the muscles of the back. Twisting poses help to restore the fluidity of the spinal column and retain its natural range of motion. Stretching and lengthening the muscles of the back helps to release any tension and ache in our back and strengthen our core at the same time.


Energising: Twists are great for any time of day.Stretching creates space between the vertebrae and in the body. It lengthens the spinal column and allows our energy to flow better, like an instant energy lift! 

Aids Digestion: The stretching and contracting of our torso during twists stimulates digestion and metabolism, which is perfect for us after 2 weeks of festive celebrations and feasting! 


Neutralising and Strengthening: Finally,if you practise lots of backbends and forward bends, twists are a perfect way to neutralise and strengthen the spine.


As the famous saying goes, “You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”

Yoga Pose

Classical Hatha Yoga Immersion

with Edmund

Every Sunday for 4 weeks
25 Feb-17 Mar


$320 (full series)


What's My Type?

Understanding Personal Constitution for Informed Holistic Living with Catherine

Sat 9 March 3-5:30pm
Sun 10 March 3-6:30pm



Classical Hatha Yoga Immersion: This Classical Hatha Yoga Immersion with Edmund is a breath-centric practice that takes place over a course of four Saturdays.


In Yoga, ‘Ha’ means Sun and ‘Tha’ means Moon, and a classical Hatha Yoga practice is a beautiful union of the Masculine and Feminine. The sessions in this series involve holding asana (posture) for a longer duration in order to distill the essence each posture brings through. The longer holds generate heat — the spark of transformation (Ha, the Sun), while breath is the gateway to our inner inquiry and embracing of own truth — our bodily intelligence (Tha, the Moon). At the same time, Edmund will weave in classical philosophy and stories, bringing postures to life through the subtlety and nuances of his sharing, and offering a different perspective and dimension to the practice. 


Each weekly session will have a different focus:

Week 1: Balancing

Week 2: Grounding

Week 3: Arm balances

Week 4: Backbends


The intent is for the practice to transform you, both on and off the mat. No drop-ins; full series attendance only.

4 x Sundays 25 Feb-17 Mar


What's My Type?: Why do some people

... fall sick more easily?
... put on weight more easily?
... tend to feel cold while others feel hot?

One answer is constitution.

In Chinese Medicine, each person's unique constitution influences how we react to the world around us, what we eat and how we carry out life activities. Learning about your constitution can help you to understand your body on a deeper level, allowing you to make informed self-care decisions to stay healthy.

What's My Type is a workshop that combines the wisdom of holistic healthy living from Chinese Medicine with Yin Yoga and acupressure to give you insights into understanding your own constitution. This includes:

• Relevant key concepts in Chinese Medicine
• What your constitution is
• Common characteristics of various constitution types
• Lifestyle ideas for each constitution ranging from diet to exercise
• Acupoints to support your constitution which you get to practice in 2 Yin Yoga sessions

No drop-ins; full series attendance only.

Event bookings via Punchpass here.

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