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Fog and Nature

About Meghalaya

Our cosy shala was born of the simple desire to give our growing Living Yoga community a home — to gather with kula and friends made over various retreats, immersions and trainings. However, it is also a space where we hope practitioners from all walks of life will feel at ease to show up to practise, connect and support one another. The path of a seeker can sometimes be an incredibly lonely one, and having like-minded friends for company on our journey can be heartwarming and comforting.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to be students of Yoga in this lifetime, and to have access to Yogic technologies that have survived the ages. Yoga has incredible potential to transform the sincere practitioner, but that first requires one to understand that physical postures (asana) are an integral part, but not the be all and end all, of the practice.

Over at Meghalaya, we believe in sarvanga sadhana — a complete, balanced practice that combines asana, pranayama (breathwork) and dharana (meditative techniques). Our teachers strive to bring to light the teachings of Yoga in ways that are accessible, holistic and empowering.

We are also passionate to share various healing arts and traditions with our community. Look forward to regular special sessions on mantra chanting, sound healing and even astrology sessions, led both by our in-house team as well as guest teachers.

We look forward to welcoming you home.

Shala facilities

Our humble shala is equipped with Yoga mats, blocks, straps and eye masks. We share restrooms with the building (the bathrooms are right next door). There are also public showers in the building — please BYO towel and toiletries.

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